Closing in

Number Thirty-one are closing in on their second title after coming out on top in The Balmoral. The Crown recorded their highest finish in second with The Old Cross third.

We return to The Old Cross next Tuesday when both bonuses will roll over.

Thanks to Jimmy and Suzie for the hospitality.

Number 31 93
Crown 89
Old Cross 86.5
Ericht Ale House 85.5
Stormont 82
Cargills 75
Balmoral 70
Dreadnought 69.5
British Legion 68



No tight finish

This week as Number Thirty-one won quite comfortably from The Stormont with The Old Cross in third place.

No takers for either bonus , so they will roll over to next weeks venue The Crown.

Thanks to Kenny and Saranne for the soup and rolls.

Number 31 94
Stormont 87
Old Cross 86
Cargills 85.5
Balmoral 83
Ericht Ale House 81
Crown 80
Dreadnought 69


A close contest

in Cargill’s saw Number Thirty-one edge home by a point from The Ale House with The Old Cross a further point back in third place.

No takers for either of the bonus rounds which roll over to next weeks venue The Ericht Ale House.

Thanks to Lindsey and the boys for the excellent soup and hospitality .

Number 31 81
Ericht Ale House 80
Old Cross 79
Stormont 70
Cargills 66
Balmoral 65
Crown 64
Dreadnought 56
British Legion 53

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Two in a row for the reigning Champions

who seem to have put their early season malaise to bed with a thumping win in Number Thirty-one. The home team and their neighbours The Ericht Ale House shared second place. No winners for either of the bonus rounds which roll over next week when we return to Cargills.

Thanks to Nikki for the hospitality.

Stormont 98
Number 31 87
Ericht Ale House 87
Old Cross 85
Cargills 72
Crown 67
Balmoral 64
British Legion 64
Dreadnought 56

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The Stormont

braved the weather and came out on top of the weekly quiz held in The British Legion. The Old Cross came in second ahead of The Ale House.

Thanks to those who trudged up to the Legion, and to Ally and the girls for an excellent spread. No takers for either bonus which will roll over to next Tuesday when we return to Number Thirty-one.

Stormont 89
Old Cross 84
Ericht Ale House 82
Crown 76
Cargills 75
Number 31 71
Dreadnought 65
Balmoral 64
British Legion 64


The Old Cross

shook off the old and came into the new with a narrow win over Number Thirty-one in the first quiz of 2018. The Stormont completed the podium.

No winners for either of the bonus rounds which will roll over to Tuesday night when we re-visit the British Legion.

Thanks to Eck and Amy for the hospitality.

Old Cross 90
Number 31 88
Stormont 86.5
Crown 84
Cargills 84
Ericht Ale House 80
Balmoral 71.5
Dreadnought 67
British Legion 62




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